Damage found in the property prior to closing?

As a purchaser, what are my legal rights if the I see damage inside the property prior to closing which was not present at the time our Agreement of Purchase and Sale was signed? Do I have to close? Do the sellers have to rectify the damage prior to closing date? Understanding your legal rights […]

Buying a new home or condominium?

Agreements for new houses and new condominiums can often be very overwhelming. Along with the agreement itself which is quite lengthy, you are provided numerous schedules that need your attention. Here are some things to take into account: Very often purchasers feel pressured to sign the agreement as soon as possible. This does not mean […]

Buying your first home?

Ontario has a first time homebuyers refund that you may be eligible for. Eligibility depends on the following: The purchaser must be at least 18 years old. The purchaser must occupy the home as their principal residence within nine months of the date of transfer. The purchaser cannot have ever owned an eligible home, or […]

Closing Costs

What types of closing costs are generally associated when purchasing a home?  Closing costs typically include legal fees, legal disbursements, registration fees, title insurance premium, and land transfer tax. Other fees can also apply depending on your transaction’s specific circumstances. Our office strives to give our clients a list of accurate and transparent closing costs […]